iPlayer and pinning with Internet Explorer 9

by michaelmcclary 2. February 2011 12:01

I notice that the BBC iPlayer recently supported the pinning feature in Internet Explorer 9, giving the iPlayer a chance to be a permanent fixture on the Windows 7 taskbar whether or not the website is open.  This gives a brand a great opportunity to be in the user’s line of sight and I can only see the competition for that precious space to get tougher.

The iPlayer jumplist (right click to get the list)

BBC iPlayer Jumplist

Also, if you are playing a programme, hovering on the icon gives a preview window with pause/play button for the main iPlayer window – useful when using multiple screens:

iPlayer Thumbnail

How do you get this?  Simply go to the BBC iPlayer site (using Internet Explorer 9) and drag the icon to the left of the address over to the Windows taskbar.

iPlayer Site

Similarly, LinkedIn (along with many others) has an IE9 pinned experience:


For more examples of sites , such as Rough Guides and Sky News, making the most of the Internet Explorer 9 pinning, accelerated graphics and HTML5 standards, check out http://www.beautyoftheweb.co.uk