The Day Hell Froze Over: Tough Guy 2010

by michaelmcclary 7. February 2010 23:49

Sunday January 31st saw the latest iteration of Tough Guy, a slightly crazy race involving a cross-country run and an obstacle course from the reassuringly rustic mind of Mr Mouse.

This was my first time (definitely signing up for next year) and it was a ball.  The initial cross-country section was about 8-10km, designed to stretch the field out, involving lots of running and a bit of cold water with tortuous but pretty funny zig-zags on a steep hill to finish it off.  This was then followed by a series of obstacles; A-frames, electric fences, concrete tunnels, burning hay, etc, but the biggest challenges for me were the water obstacles.  Kudos to the leaders who didn’t have the luxury of unbroken water to jump through/into/under, as the ice needed breaking.  There are plenty of pictures floating around of guys carrying sheets of ice over sections of the course.  The water obstacles started as ‘funny’ and  graduated through ‘kind of painful’ to general expletives.  

All in all, a great way to spend a Sunday.  About four and a half thousand completed with 600 or so not making it round, principally down to the cold.  I saw one guy on the floor apparently with a broken leg and a few lying by the side being wrapped in silver blankets by the support teams and St John’s Ambulance.  Next year: gloves, a hat and hopefully a few degrees warmer…

Love this video:

But my favourite page is this with absolutely stunning pictures here from Mike King, including this one of the eventual winner, Paul Jones:

Mike King)