Links: Microsoft Innovation and Digital Marketing Technology

by michaelmcclary 19. August 2009 17:57

I’ve been presenting a lot recently on our new/emerging technologies and how they have the potential to provide Digital Marketing solutions.  Often triggered by videos such as Envisioning the Futurepeople ask what’s here now and what we have coming around the corner.

IMO we don’t do a good enough job of talking about the massive resources and really talented people that exist inside our Product Teams and Research Division- it’s well worth looking through the site or following them on Twitter.

This blog post lists a lot of the links I use in the presentations and allows people to walk themselves through a number of digital technologies from Microsoft.  This isn’t a detailed post about the new design and build tools such as Sketchflowalthough they are discussed in terms of the workflow and multiple device targeting.  Ultimately the aim is to prompt the odd grey cell here and there, and challenge people to put together a great digital marketing solution.

Where possible I’ve given the links to show how to make these solutions user-generated.  From end to end the discussion moves through:

  • Silverlight
    • DeepZoom
    • Video
    • Photosynth
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Silverlight running on your desktop (PC and Mac)
  • Microsoft Surface
    • Secondlight
  • Windows 7
  • Xbox Digital Marketing Platform
  • Microsoft Interactive Canvas
  • Touchless API (from an internal project)


So as well as being able to do the flashy visual stuff, Silverlight has a number of features which lend themselves towards engaging experiences. 

The first is DeepZoom, a way of viewing huge images and collections of images through a normal web connection.  The progressive disclosure of the high-res images is smooth and performs

Silverlight DeepZoom (press ‘v’ to find the sweet spot)

Silverlight DeepZoom in an MPU

Silverlight DeepZoom with Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag Site

Microsoft Silverlight on Bing Maps with Photosynth

Silverlight Video

Silverlight Adaptive Streaming


Photosynth Site with tool download

Home-grown Triumph Sprint

Adidas fan-sourcing the All-Blacks

Obama crowd-sourced synth of the inauguration

Silverlight Out of Browser

Sobees Web Alpha - Twitter Client

Wait for client to load then right-click –> install

TED Talks from your desktop

Silverlight in Advertising





Windows 7 Touch Maps


Project Natal

Massive in-game Xbox Advertising

Xbox Live Advertising

Microsoft Interactive Canvas

Touchless API