Windows Phone 7 Development - Tech Days is next week

by michaelmcclary 7. April 2010 15:08

Blatant copy and paste from the latest MSDN Flash but, to reaffirm, this is a great week of awareness and readiness for our development technologies.  For me, Wednesday’s ‘Mix Day’ and Friday’s ‘Phone Day’ will be key but all week we have some great sessions.

“A short intro this issue as we're all heads down preparing a superb series of presentations and demos for Tech Days next week. If you haven't got a ticket yet I'm afraid we're sold out - just the last few places available to learn about Windows Phone 7 development. We have several top people over from Redmond to present in keynotes during the week including Jason Zander, Charlie Kindel and John Allwright. If you can stay into the evenings there is plenty still happening, and if you can't attend check out the fringe events happening in various other locations - Jesse Liberty is talking at several of them, definitely worth getting to one if you can.”