The Wired Mind – Innovative HTML5

by michaelmcclary 21. April 2011 14:30

Wired UK has joined a list of UK brands such as National Rail, British Fashion Council and Film4oD in producing an HTML5 experience in conjunction with Internet Explorer 9.  This allows you to browse and search the ‘Wired Mind’.  Runs really nicely and, if you pin the site to the taskbar, you get instant access to the Wired site as well as a list of recent tags. They have a short article on it here.  The agency HowSplendid have blogged on the project, with some of the creative here.


You can click through the tag cloud to find related terms or just search for keywords and see related topics.

Selecting the small page-like icon at the top of the category gives you access to articles


From which you can click through to the article on Wired’s site


Check out the date search as well – nice use of graphics to give a mechanical feel